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It might be easy to think of moving abroad as an escape from problems and a magically better life , but putting that type of pressure on one single choice is bound to lead you on a one-ticket train to disappointment. Kill your expectation and be a little more realistic. When you move to a new country, it is very natural to want to soak in your new surroundings via going out, meeting as many new people as you can, trying to speed up the friend-making process and saying yes to everything.

But this is not necessarily a great priority if you are trying to set up a new home, and organise your new life. Thanks to the world we live in, there are many opportunities and ways to meet people on your own time and terms. I recommend trying to focus on getting the things done that you know are important to your contentment and well being , then allowing more room for socializing, in a healthy way.

The way you eat and yes I mean takeout galore , the lack of exercise, or the fact that it might be daunting to find your doctor in a new country, is what I am referring to here. I was so busy focused on all the stresses I had going on that even when I got ill, I shrugged it off and thought it would go away via drinking lots of water and some painkillers — wrong.

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I ended up in the hospital for a weekend because of it. I was extremely lucky I made a good friend early in my move that was able to help me get back on my feet, but that is a rarity when you are fairly new in town. If I had been completely alone, it would have been an even more testing experience. Be realistic, and kind to yourself.

By three months you will most likely have the basic things set up you need. When moving to a new country, it takes a while to settle in.


Sit in local coffee shops and ask for recommendations from locals, find your tribe on places like meetup. But a cocktail of many of these things, that personally helped me feel more at home abroad. This is a general piece of advice that applies to people who may be feeling down or simply out of sorts in your new town. Yes, you may be looking for a job, or not have made friends yet but I wholeheartedly advice going to public places. You may even build up a rapport with the people who work there if you repeatedly keep going back to the same establishment!

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On a rainy night, two other lost souls blow in: a Black boxer Shaq Taylor and hucksterish Bible salesman Finbar Lynch. Particularly in the second act, there are some beautifully staged big numbers choreographed by Lucy Hind, which combine social dancing with simple yet effective group movement.

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