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Anyway, she said if I didn't agree, she'd give me a gnome for a mate.

That is just totally gross! They eat bugs and stuff. How nasty is that? Jodie is adding new stuff to the blog, including a new type of article named Charac. Take note, if you haven't read the book, you will find spoilers! Scene was not edited. Snarling, her gray lips curled tight above dagger-sized teeth. She knew her long, beautiful snout bore little resemblance to its normal elegant appearance,.

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This snippet has not been edited and is subject to change. Several days later, Katie was on her very first — and probably last — dragon ride. A rush of excitement streaked through her as the dragon surged through the morning sky. Deepest black dragon scales glinted in the silvery rays of sunshine that streaked through the thin cloud cover. The midnight wings swept upward, looking deceptively soft as cal.

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Friday I accepted a full-time job. I've been job-hunting for a while. Unfortunately, this means I will not be writing full time. All book release dates that I have previously posted are now inaccurate. I will try to release Forbidden Valley: Both series and blog posts will continue, but at a slower pace.

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Unfortunately, those pesky little bills keep pi. Branson, Missouri The school year is about to start! Of course, a trip to the mall is an absolute must as teens search for that perfect outfit and accessories. Like my best friend Kerry, parents are scrambling with last minute emergencies. I think Kerry does a grand job. She hands her daughter a visa debit card with a certain amount on it then takes Angela and her friends to the mall of the girl's choice.

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Let me back up, before I tell you Angela's grand adventure,. Summer Giveaway Hop Winner! Shannon Johnson won the Summer Blog Hop!! Thanks to everyone who entered the Summer Blog Hop giveaway! It took years, but eventually the synth crystal spread out like veins under the crust of the land, creating springs and underground streams.

Each Spring of Crystal was unique; it absorbed characteristics from its surrounding environment. I've seen copies of the L. To know more, read yesterday's post. JGorman, the Sasquatch, shrieked in fury as the water trough slammed down on top of his head. Water drenched his long fur. He looked like a nine-foot drowned rat with giant teeth and claws. He threw a hissy fit, smashing the water trough to the ground.

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He stomped on it until i. Lake Eufaula, OklahomaWould someone please tell me how one dog can cause so much chaos? Honestly, I can't very well wring his neck for nearly getting me killed. When I take a trip, my German shepherd, Chief, goes with me. He loves it when I visit friends in Clan Valley. It's one of our all-time favorite destinations. With cabins, jet skis, boats, grills, horses, wyvern… well, you get the idea. Synth Changed Canadian Geese. Tulsa, Oklahoma I finally finished it! Before I tell you today's news, I have a quick self-serving plug: Every vampire has a destined lifeMate, a mate who is a perfect match, but what happens when that perfect mate is stolen?

Okay, thanks for listening to my plug! The heat wave continues to worsen, affecting people and animals. His deep laughter echoed through her mind a split instant before his warm breath tickled her pointed ear, her overly sensitive ear, making her laugh all the harder. There were times her elf half of her heritage was more enjoyable than the vampire half.

Guardian Alexander was flying them across miles of rugged mountains located within Dragon Valley, a second dimensional bubble with the exact physical terrain as Earth. Hundreds of Valleys dotted Earth, some small, some huge.

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Invited being a very loose term to what really happened, because when The Dragon Council sent out invitations to attend summer camp they expected immediate agreement. If any invitation went unanswered the dragons simply coerced the other Valley into participating. The concept of creating a Peace Camp sounded honorable. The reality of camp was not honorable nor peace inducing.

It's nameless at this moment in time, but I have already begun my second novel. It's about a young man who finds out he has a terminal illness and embarks on a journey he should have lived years ago.

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I've crafted four characters, and I want it to be as much about his friends and those around him, as it is about the main character. I feel it will be a very challenging project, but I can't wait to get immersed in this world. I feel I will learn about my writing and I can't wait to push myself to the next level. Do you write full time or part time?

I work for myself, so I suppose I write full time. I don't only write fiction, but non-fiction as well.

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In fact, I'm well under way with a non-fiction book called The Successful Mistake, which is a superb project; albeit very time intrusive. If I'm not writing, I'm usually reading or planning for some sort of writing project. You don't realise how much it will take from you until you start. I can't complain though. I love it! What is your favorite book? These two books changed me! Labels: Author Interview. Wednesday, November 14, Gratitude Giveaways.

Labels: Giveaway Hop The wind had stopped blowing. Five Richard Carson heard the change rather than felt it; the light breeze made a hushed roar as it rushed past his ears, then there was nothing except the faraway cry of a bird. Carson stopped his work, laid down the entrenching tool and pulled out his canteen.

The water inside made a hollow gurgle as he swirled the plastic container. It was nearly empty, and Carson cursed himself for drinking it so fast. He still had a long way to go.