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The Steampunk Beginners Guide #1 - What is a Steampunk?

The Unparalleled Adventures Of One Hans Pfaall by Edgar Allan Poe While not busy inventing the detective genre, Edgar Allan Poe quietly kick-started the science fiction adventure craze with this speculative tale of a man who voyages to the moon in a hot-air balloon.

From the Earth to the Moon by Jules Verne Verne's vision of the future here and in his other work presented in this collection, In The Year written with son Michel Verne is a key visual component of the steampunk aesthetic. It is hard to imagine the genre today without the dirigibles, deep-earth diggers, submersibles and other avant garde machinery that features so prominently in Verne's universe.

The Steampunk MEGAPACK®

Published in , From the Earth to the Moon is almost clairvoyant in its anticipation of the first manned moon expedition years later. Verne's three-man, aluminum-built spacecraft is launched from Florida by a cannon named Columbiad! The British Barbarians by Grant Allen First published in , the same year as The Time Machine , this fin de siecle sci-fi is about a time traveler from the 25th century who comes back to study the 'barbarians' of the Victorian Age.

The story concerns an American army officer wrongfully arrested for murdering the inventor of the 'telelectroscope. The narrator observes him as he sits on death row and surfs around the world He seldom spoke, and I never interrupted him when he was absorbed in this amusement. It's all here, in six classic steampunks from View Store. Register now to get updates on promotions and.

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The Steampunk MEGAPACK®: 26 Modern and Classic Steampunk Stories

Free customs procedures. Diversified payment, flexible. Free delivery. Free delivery in Phnom Penh. Safe shopping. With Fado The Philip K. The H. If you want something more like science fiction, Eifelheim is set primarily in 14th century Germany and is about first contact with aliens, with religious and philosophical themes. I'll be reading China Mieville 's The Scar.

I'm not sure how consistent I will be with this challenge, as I see that I've signed up for several--they all sound so rewarding! It's a historical SF novel in which aliens come to Earth in the year I'll be reading Theiftaker. Edited: Dec 16, , am. At first, the heroine, Alexia Tarabotti reminded me of Amelia Peabody from the eponymous series by Elizabeth Peters with their relationships with their respective husbands, the echoes of H.

Rider Haggard, and the cozy style of writing. But just as I was about to let it go, Carringer dropped a bomb at the end of the first book and I was hooked! I dnloaded the remaining two books in the series as soon as I could and read them greedily within a day I was on vacation at the time and could do that! I highly recommend them for readers who are starting out in the genre.

I listened to the first two and a half in audio narrated by Anton Lesser , finishing the third in print. Sally Lockhart is a pretty, and smart young woman who must find her way amongst the vicissitudes of Victorian London. These are ostensibly YA titles but they are very well written, if rather dark.

In fact, the tension in the third title was a little bit more than I could take and I ended up grabbing the print edition so that I could cheat by peaking at the end, thereby relieving myself of the anxiety that was building up! For those who are audiobook listeners, Anton Lesser is brilliant!

There is a fourth title in the series, The Tin Princess ; but I haven't read or listened to it as the consensus among those who have read it is that it's only "meh" and Sally Lockhart only makes a cameo appearance in it. Both volumes are alternative histories and steampunk. Earlier this year, I read Falling Upwards: How We Took to the Air: An Unconventional History of Ballooning by Richard Holmes which talked about how the era of ballooning also sparked a new kind of fantastic fiction, where men explored and discovered exotic people, places, and things Holmes' non-fiction specifically mentioned Verne and H.

Wells, so I'm going to start there. I'm a little bogged down with end-of-the-year work wrap-ups, but I hope to start on or around January 1 myself Dec 15, , pm. I know nothing about the story but I have high regard for PKD. This will fit in as an alternate history. Edited: Dec 15, , pm. Darn it! I also have Cinq semaines en ballon , by Jules Verne, but that might be a bit ambitious for the start of the year.

Edit: Oh, and I do have Frankenstein in the on-deck pile, thanks to a rebroadcast of the National Theatre production. So many possibilities :.

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Dec 16, , am. I do have Leviathan in my TBR stacks. Thanks for the recommendation of Airship , Paulina. My son the one who loves the Leviathan books would like that. I have a Dec. Oh, so many books to read. I've really enjoyed the Parasol Protectorate and Sally Lockhart books in the past. I was planning to continue with Carriger's Finishing School books, reading the second and maybe the third. But then reading through this thread has made me think of so many other possibilities.

So we'll see what happens next month. But I have to warn you -- there is NO travel by hot air balloon in it! I believe the characters consider traveling by balloon at one point but decide against it. I think, because the book is so often published with Five Weeks in a Balloon , people just assume that the balloon is in Around the World in Eighty Days I only mention this because I was very shocked when I discovered it!

I thought they were just historical mysteries set in the late 19th century? Where does the steampunk come in? I'm still trying to wrap my head around this concept Titles in the series keep cropping up on various Steampunk lists I've skimmed, so I thought I would be remiss if I didn't give them a nod though ultimately I might be tempted to put in "Other Histories. This sounds like an excellent excuse to re-read J. Kathleen Cheney's The Golden City , one of my top 10 of It's set in an alternative turn of the century Portugal populated with seers, healers, selkies, and sirens, among other creatures.

The sequel, The Seat of Magic is also quite good. First in a series. First of a series. First in a series, the second book is awful, but I've heard the third is better. Dec 16, , pm. In France, it's classified in the mystery section not the science fiction or fantasy section. I wonder if H. Wells and Jules Verne should fit this month theme, as the historical elements were contemporary elements for the authors? Wells and Verne are perfect. And we start off with a tough one for me!

Gas lamp sounds more appealing from the description, but I think when I looked things up a couple of months ago, it was steampunk surprisingly where I had one or two books on my tbr going by tags, anyway. I do see from the suggestions that Sherlock Holmes would work, so that might be where I go with it. One of the covers was for Around the World in Eighty Days. Some people were complaining that the artwork used rather cliched images, and wondered if he had read the books he was designing covers for.