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Matt and Jacob return from Twitch Con. Scoop Mail and regular Jock Vs Nerd.

Minecraft: The Ridiculous Adventures of Episode 3 - The Magical Stick!

Paul is recognized in the wild. Libel laws are discussed. A bit of digesting Harvey Weinstein. Jock Vs NerdLearn more about your ad choices. Paul and Jacob talk sushi. Matt rehearses with Teller. Matt apologizes to Paul. Jock vs NerdLearn more about your ad choices. Jacob and Matt go to a baseball game. Paul starts a new job.

Scoop Mail and Jock vs Nerd. Tough to have the th episode milestone land so close to a tragic event. All the boys felt it was important to speak to our community of listeners in what was an awful and bizarre night for the boys, their families, and the greater Las Vegas community. Not a lot of jokes Scoop Mail and Scoopardy. - Google Документи

Matt's kid scares him with a request. Jock vs Nerd and scoop Mail. The boys engage the Scoops, play Jock vs Nerd and have an English accent contest. First bonus episode of the month because of all the amazing backers on patreon. Jock vs Nerd and scoopmail. Where did the fear of clowns come from?


Jock vs Nerd and scoopmail! Ask a cop is played in churn. The boys discuss the carribean. Jock vs Nerd- new format. Paul and Matt take in the final day of 50 Shades.

Do 30 Days breaks lead to good things? Matt and Paul are in the midst of their last 50 Shades show. Physicalscoop mail squared. Matt and Paul battle over who is more sick. Butch Roy, operator of Huge Improv Theater calls in to discuss the news that broke about his landlord being a white supremacist. Also, Matt works with Teller on a magic routine and launching a crowdfunder for his one man show. Link below. Matt tries his hand at being a guinea pig. Paul is sick as a dog. The Backstreet Boys are put on notice beef. Tommy Todd fills in for a sick Paul Mattingly. Yvette talks all things Pre date sex, toxins, and working for the NSA.

Paul has a hatred for a new problem in his neighborhood. Matt almost call in a hit. Scoop Mail and Joc vs Nerd. Episode Chumming the Vampire Waters. Go to research. The boys discuss their solar eclipse plans. Matt tries two unsuccessful routes for a new gig. Matt and Paul are out of work in 4 weeks as 50 Shades the Parody closes. Brent Mukai drops in to share in the misery. Episode "We Are Nostrudumbasses". The boys announce their new podcast and Bucket Show schedule. Switching from Wednesdays and Thursdays to Mondays and Thursdays. Also Bucket Show moves to 4pm on Wednesdays.

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Okay, here is Wednesday's fully recovered episode. Due to tech issues, this is actually Thursday's episode. Computer problems are solved. Nonsense is discussed. A few gems for Scoop Mail send the show off the rails. Also there is a song at the end you don't want to miss. Please forgive the audio quality as we had our main computer crash and all this audio is from our twitch broadcast.

It took everything we had not to name this episode "Dickscription for the Penisist". So we wrote it here. We talk about all kinds of stuff! Scoop Mail and shock Vs nerd. Paul has his eye on the news. Matt gets trolled. Matt remembers a robbery. Paul gets his jerk on. Scoop Mail and Jock ave Nerd. The bonus episode brought you by our backers at Patreon.

All backers gain access to our private RSS feed which will feature behind the scenes of Fool Us season 4 episode 1 this week.

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Matt doesn't drag race a cop. Matt gets bummed about flat earthers. Paul talks Tood McFarland. Paul takes his luck of clothing in 50 Shades to the next level. The jock vs Nerd will be televised.

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Jacob figures out how to show Scoopardy on the twitch channel. Paul has a flashback. Jacob goes nuclear. Matt gets fucked with by two gyms. Paul digs his Putty.

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Matt runs into Malcolm Gladwell's voice again. Paul thinks there might be aliens.

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The boys talk Glow. Jacob is on a first name basis with Queen. Boys catch up with Brian Gramo and keep messing with Twitch.