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Publication Ethics for Book and Chapter Authors

This was the first place I found the author to be walking a dangerous line, as he has strong opinions, complete with strong arguments that are not for those unwilling to hear their core premises being challenged.

I enjoy the game of the chase in this book, but it is not for everybody. Reading this book is work.

History of Ethics

I suggest that it not be picked up without a willingness to actively read. I will be looking next month for a book that applies ethics to a practical business environment, or something a little more specific to the active day we all lead. In the meantime, should you decide to pick this book up and read it, send me a note.

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I think it needs to be shared and that would best done in a dark coffee shop with Leonard Cohen how we mourn his loss playing in the background or over a deep dark glass of red wine in leather chairs while listening to Tchaikovsky, or even better Wagner. Tags: book review , community , ethics , outlook , team Clearline.

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  5. Future Ethics: the book everyone in tech should be reading, now.

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Why are books on ethics so likely to be stolen?

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Aristotle's "Nicomachean Ethics" Book V - Justice

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