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While dodging bullets and brutes, he tends to view his plight with a jaded philosophical detachment:. There are about a dozen pages of misplaced whimsy while he fakes amnesia, but things soon get right back on the sardonic track; It seems that the Chairman of the SIO board and would-be Ruler of the World has written a book and Thane, like any curious man of letters, feels compelled to read it.

He died in in a training flight accident as a pilot for the RAF.

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The book has been reviewed elsewhere on the Internet by author Martin Edwards on his blog. Check it out here. Season 5, Episode 2. October 4, Director: Don Weis.

Stories set in a future that have long since passed are often particularly fascinating to read. They do not merely portray imagined futures. The years in which those novels are set have long since come and gone. When we read these novels, we are reading fiction set simultaneously in the future and in the past.

More countries have democratically elected governments than ever before.

Humanity avoided a nuclear holocaust. Scientists have not created an artificial intelligence nearly as advanced as HAL. Well, not yet, anyway. Android-like robots are the only ones allowed to box; human boxing was criminalized in Steel Kelly and Pole are in need of some prize money. Problem is, Maxo experiences mechanical failure right before the big fight.

Pole urges against this idea. Steel, portrayed with gusto by Lee Marvin, is not about to be swayed. All too human, Steel is both courageous and foolish. Upon hearing these words spoken and seeing Steel collapsed on the floor, I initially felt a sense of disappointment at how the episode ended. Lee Marvin was excellent, the androids appeared both plausibly human and uncannily creepy, and the writing was tight and without sentimentalism. But something was missing. It just seems as though it would have been a much better episode to watch and to ponder in than in Louise Bourgon.

Written and directed by Luc Beeson, based on the comic albums by Jacques Tardi. And like the dry white wine she is named for Adele has snap and bite, a tall red haired lovely dreadnought ploughing all before her beneath her wake. Droll is the best way to describe this charming film which you may compare to The Assassination Bureau and Dinner for Adele Nick Carter in Prague , two other charming forays in the early 20th century as seen through its popular literature and rose- colored glasses.

Bear with me as I try to describe the plot, though it is no easy task. In Paris Professor Esperandieu Jacky Necessian is experimenting with his power to project his mind when he awakens a pterodactyl in an egg in a museum in Paris. The new born escapes and promptly tries to eat the newly named Foreign Minister, who dies with his showgirl mistress in the Seine when his car is attacked. Across town Inspector Caponi Gilles Lellouche is assigned to the case of the Minister and the pterodactyl and young scientist Zborowsky Nicolas Giraud , who has a crush on reporter and author of Le Monstre du Glaces , Adele Blanc-Sec, and his mentor Professor Menard Phillipe Nahon have discovered their pterodactyl egg has hatched, a fact they would just as soon not share with Caponi so they put him onto Esperandieu as an expert in the Jurassic era.

Adele outwits her greedy partners and escapes Dieulveult with the mummy in spectacular manner while piloting his coffin down the Nile. Now Adele has to rescue Esperandieu, awaken Patmosis, and save Agathe, who has a hat pin skewering her head and is in a trance-like state, thanks to a particularly savage return by Adele in a heated tennis game five years earlier.

While Saint Hubert and a reluctant and hungry Caponi seek the pterodactyl, Zoborowski lures the pterodactyl back to the museum, and a frustrated Adele attempts time after time to help Esperandieu escape.

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All she has to do is break into the Louvre with Agathe in a wheelchair and Patmosis re-animated mummy in a bowler hat and suit. This clever and playful film walks a fine line between farce and fantastic adventure , by turns dime novel, silent serial, and gentle satire without ever murdering the delicate mood that calls for with a false move or step. Bourgon, in particular, as our heroine manages a fine balance between outspoken modern woman, brilliant adventuress, and vulnerable sister who only wants to atone for her mistake.

Granted the CGI is a bit rocky here and there though more realistic would likely have ruined the look and character of the film.

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Whatever else, this film, dedicated to Tardi, is tribute to his talent as artist and storyteller. Fri 25 Apr Monogram, Directed by Richard Oswald. Turns out the lady in question has an agenda of her own and has deliberately wangled the invitation to the island prison to help her husband Gilbert Roland, then at the nadir of his career escape. Dramatic complications ensue when she discovers that he is no longer the gentle, loving man she married, and, later, that he never was, really. All this spins out in a little over an hour, and if the ending seems to lack punch, the surprising depth of characterization makes the trip worthwhile.

His work here shows genuine sensitivity. Similarly, Bradley Page was a perennial second-string movie bad-guy who deserved better; in fact his easy-going outlaw in The Outcasts of Poker Flat RKO, deserves a place in Western Movie lore that somehow slipped between the hoofprints.

John Howard was forever stuck in place as the low-budget Ronald Colman, and Gilbert Roland ended up a respected character actor, but the real treasure here is Helen Gilbert.

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Miss Gilbert whose many husbands included composer Mischa Bakaleinikoff and gangster Johnny Stompanato simply radiates a sensuality that even a low-wattage movie like this cannot dim, the sort of thing one sees in actresses like Dietrich and Moreau, who had big studio resources to back them up.

Her luminous presence here is just the foremost pleasure of a film that deserves seeing. Thu 24 Apr NBC, Theme by Jerrald Goldsmith aka Jerry Goldsmith. Creator and executive producer: Paul Monash.

Produced by Charles Russell. Mark Richman later to become known as Peter Mark Richman played Nick Cain, a former criminal lawyer who had represented the mob until he retired and decided to get married. It was a simpler black and white world then. The series aired during a time when how television was made was changing. TV continued to settle in Hollywood leaving New York except for the networks and advertising agencies behind. When they got the finished script, they said go ahead and shoot it. That was Dec. I set March 1 as a deadline and went to work.

A director for the pilot was hired, stages were built and casting began. January 19, the filming of the pilot began. It took eight days to film the pilot. A rough cut was ready for viewing on February 15th. NBC liked the pilot and scheduled the crime drama series to air in the fall on Tuesday at 10pm. Producer Charles Russell was hired and with Paul Monash began to hire the staff of writers and directors. At this point filming was to begin May 7th. Written by Mel Goldberg. Directed by Robert Gist. Norma finds her husband had left her for another woman.

Nick and nightclub owner Arthur Troy try to help get her a license to perform in nightclubs, but problems arise. Nick is working this week with a Lieutenant in narcotics who wants Nick to use Norma to find the drug shipment. This was a quality production for the era. The music numbers by Dandridge highlight the episode but never got in the way of the story. The characters were as complex as their problems and no easy answers were offered except for the flawed predictable ending. Written by Franklin Barton. Directed by Alvin Ganzer.

Production values behind and in front of the camera were better than the average TV series of the time, but the series was faced with impossible challenges to overcome. Director Alvin Ganzer did a fine job capturing the emotional tension without letting the all dialogue story get too dull. In one odd scene, one of the characters demands Cain show him proof that Riker was as dangerous as Cain claims, but Cain is unable to do so. After the series hero is told off, Cain exits in defeat, forcing the story to find its hero and protagonist in the guest cast.

Follow the link. While during the era of the anthology series, it was not uncommon for a strong guest cast to be featured over the weaker regular lead, but Culp understood the dramatic and long-term needs for any series hero to be the primary star, for him to be in most scenes and be the reason the problem is solved.