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Luther Strange in the Alabama Republican primary, previously suggested that Moore should consider dropping out, joining a number of Senate Republicans who have opposed Moore's candidacy since reports revealed the former judge's history of alleged repeated sexual misconduct.

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The Senator's comments came just days before the election that recent polls show is a virtual toss up. Moore has denied all of the accusations, painting the women's stories as a liberal smear campaign. A number of national Democrats have descended on Alabama in recent days to hit the trail for Moore's opponent, Doug Jones, a former US attorney.

The special election is on Tuesday. Der Artikel wurde versandt.

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Maxwell Tani , Business Insider. CNN Sen. Richard Shelby explained on Sunday why he didn't vote for Roy Moore. The senior US Senator from Alabama said he wrote in another Republican, but refused to disclose the Republican's name. Several women have accused Moore of sexual misconduct, and pursuing them when they were teenagers and he was in his 30s.

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Richard Shelby explained on Sunday why he After all, he faced allegations that he initiated unwanted sexual contact with teenage girls when he was in his 30s. But now Moore has decided to run for the Senate again. So the main question for his candidacy moving forward will be whether he can attract voters beyond his base. As things stand, he could have enough backing to reach a primary runoff — Alabama requires a nominee to win a majority of the primary vote or the top-two candidates must face off in a subsequent election.

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However, while Moore would probably struggle to win the majority support necessary to advance to the general election, others in the field might have weaknesses Moore could exploit. The two early surveys of the Republican primary field that we do have suggest that Moore could earn support from 18 to 27 percent of the primary electorate. In April, 29 percent of Alabama Republican voters in a Mason-Dixon poll said they had an unfavorable opinion of Moore, with 34 percent having a favorable opinion and 33 percent neutral.

Put simply, these numbers are a far cry from the primary, when Republicans liked Moore more than either of his two main opponents: then-Sen.

Luther Strange, who had been appointed to the post, and Rep. Mo Brooks. Because the eventual GOP nominee stands a good chance of beating Jones in the general election Alabama is 27 points more Republican than the country as a whole , 1 even more candidates could join the race. A large primary field may fragment the vote, making it unlikely that a candidate could win a majority and avoid a runoff and making it easier for Moore to advance to a runoff with only the support of his base.