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No and I really really wanted to slap the heroine. I truly believed that too. The heroine has met a nice man, calls him a friend, and has been doing things with him platonically but has no romantic interest. But he does. The hero gets sick of waiting and comes to get her thinking she has grown up but NOT! She is an absolute idiot. He kind of bribes her into coming to live with him for three months so that he can show her how right they were together.

Only he was wrong, she was so mean and unlikeable I wanted him to just say enough. Get rid of her whiny, self pitying self and move on.

The Reluctant Fiancee

He takes her to an island, names a hospital after her, and totally calls her beautiful all the time. He says you are mine, but whenever he tries to explain about the girl in the bed, she shuts him down. She is unbelievable. Then they have 'procreational pursuits' that is her term for sex and then she is loving the loving and then she is a b word again! I would have dumped her. I wouldn't have blamed the h for dumping her. She drove me nuts and just when you think it is safe to go back in the water, bam the wannabe OW shark shows up again and she sees something and runs off without listening AGAIN!!!

She hides out under and assumed name for two months and well you need to read the rest to believe it. It was so annoying. He loved her so much. And boogenhagen she left her beloved cat behind the first time she left!!! What kind of woman leaves without her 'cat'! I was going to use the p word for cat to make it funny but I just couldn't do it but I am still laughing out load in my head. The cat has been abandoned for all that time and at this point, I knew that she could not be redeemed.

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HE even told her the cat was depressed for a long time after she left. I could never leave my pet behind. Husband, maybe but pet, hell no!!! But the cat forgave her, and when she runs the second time, the cat goes with her. So she did do something right in the book but that is it. The rest of the time she is a whiny, pathetic excuse of a woman. I wish I could have been the h.

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But I guess if we were h's there would be no HP's. So I have to live with it, I just don't have to like this heroine. TSTL is an appropriate moniker for her. And did I mention she left behind her 'beloved' CAT!???!?! That just slayed me. All I could think is I hope Boogenhagen doesn't read this or someone is going to be in a lot of trouble. View all 6 comments. Mar 30, StMargarets rated it it was ok Shelves: angst-by-misunderstanding-lies , angst-by-jealousy , author-helen-brooks , cheating-explored , harlequin-presents , open-library , second-chance , vintage , 2-star.

They were young and stupid when they married. Heroine was 18 and hero They were young and stupid when they broke up 18 months later. Heroine saw the H with a naked house guest in their bedroom and didn't stick around for explanation. They are still young 30 and 24 and stupid heroine sees the hero with the same OW that broke them up and doesn't stick around for explanations.

Lightning does strike twice. Hero was devoted and celibate for their entire separation but he left it for too long.

Playing to Win

I can understand the first misunderstanding — but the second was contrived and showed how little they had changed. Oh, well. View 2 comments. Shelves: mistaken-affair , wanna-be-ow-om , insecure-heroine , celibate-foryears , hero-celibate-forplus-years , ends-with-pregnancy.

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You couldn't have this conversation with the door open? You couldn't have been in an open room, say the family or living room, where the maid SEES what's going on? He admitted earlier that she was a little gosspit. Neither the hero nor the previous wanna-be ow thought this was a bad thing? He LET her kiss him? I don't care if she's happily married now and over her "infatuation" with him YOUR Ok That alone knocked off a whole star in my rating for this book.

This pretty much sums up the book: 'I want to care for you, to protect you, to love you for the rest of our lives, my love,' he muttered into the soft silk of her hair.

How could you think I would ever do anything to hurt you? I adore you, my sweet kitten.

Possessive jerk! Five years?? He should have gone after her View all 5 comments. The h, Leigh, is a rather melodramatic and insecure twit, while her French husband, Raoul, is a passionate and long-suffering sort. Leigh is supposed to be independent and self-accomplished. Instead, she comes off as stubborn, irritating and self-righteous.

I just could not grasp what Raoul saw in her. I dislike heroines who go on and on about their looks being inferior--especially to other women and their partner's looks--it discredits the storyline for me and the h comes off as pathetic and The h, Leigh, is a rather melodramatic and insecure twit, while her French husband, Raoul, is a passionate and long-suffering sort.

I dislike heroines who go on and on about their looks being inferior--especially to other women and their partner's looks--it discredits the storyline for me and the h comes off as pathetic and insecure. I prefer strong women who pride themselves on being true to who they are in every sense and let the rest sort it out.

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Plus, she married a guy as gorgeous outside as he was on the inside! Her estranged husband's attempts to calmly talk to Leigh about what damaged their marriage, along with her lack of insight and distrust, made me dislike her. She was mature enough to get married at 19 but not smart enough to understand what she was seeking to discard like trash. For someone always going on about hard work being honest, she didn't seem to apply her work ethic and diligence to managing her relationship with her husband.

Her most positive qualities were her honesty and loyalty. She had a massive selfish streak, leading on an OM while still pining for Raoul. Raoul was honest about it all, he did not skulk in the shadows, as he put it! Raoul was a no-nonsense sort of guy. He laid into Leigh a few times and read her the riot act over her foolish antics and unwillingness to communicate like an adult.

His very Latin approach to wooing his wife, coupled with a fierce, alpha dominant moodiness worked in this story. I honestly don't know what he saw in her.