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I really enjoyed this and hope to read more of the series. It is a fun change to read something written for teens of a different time.

Series: Beany Malone

Thank you nyisutter for sending this out! Off to the next bookcrosser on the list. Delivery Confirmation Received this book and will be reading it when I have the other ones done ahead of this one It sounds like a good book! If you are interested, I have decided to continue the series through Bookrays.

I have added Leave it to Beany! We will continue with shipping them one at a time. But you don't have to sign up for both this time. Watch my shelf as each month I will try to add more of the books from the series.

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Books 5 and 6 are now registered. I have automatically added you to the sign up list if you are on the list for 3 and 4. If you wish to be removed, let me know. If you aren't on the list for , and would like to be, just let me know. It was a very interesting story! I enjoyed it very much! Will be sent to the next on the list next weekend Journal Entry 15 by ladyofunicorns at on Saturday, September 13, Released on Saturday, September 13, at to fellow bookcrosser in postal release, postal release USA. Well, is a little earlier than the trixie Belden books I used to read, but these should be nice wholesome family stories anyway.

I just registered books 7 and 8 of the series. I have automatically signed up those who were signed up for the 6 previous books. Let me know if you don't want to be signed up. I will be setting them up as Bookrings as well, but I will do them seperately from the series so they may not neccesarily follow the same path. If you would like to sign up for them, let me know.

Hero has very generously offered to help get this ring back on the road. Until this book resurfaces, we will continue this portion of the ring with her copy of this title. Thanks Hero!

Post Malone's New Album "Stoney" // Exclusive Interview

Let's show our appreciation for Hero's generosity by keeping these books moving in a timely fashion! The book was I don't know I read this and don't think that I'll read another. They're sweet, wholesome books, and it was refreshing, but something about this one, I just could never get into it. I didn't enjoy it at all. I am not going to sit here and explain myself. Just know that this book was stalled with me for a number of reasons. Many were beyond my control.

Some were not. Whether or not I have read this book - and regardless of how badly I wanted to read it - it's going.

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A period of my life is changing, and with it, out must go quite a bit. I am moving to Nashville in a few weeks, save an apocalypse. Also sans apocalyps, I am thus doing a mass exodus of books. Regardless of any feelings or ill will towards me, I assure you that I have kept this book safely in my care. It was in the company of other books that have kept it from being lonely.

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  • It was probably even read by my mother who, sans an act of God, will not come and journal the books no matter how many times I try to convince her to. I still don't have any money, but I have just enough to put this in a box and ship it off to nyisutter, who has graciously offered to send these to whoever their next intended participant is.

    Goodbye little book. Be well loved and have a good life. Journal Entry 20 by nyisutter from St. This book is safe at home again. Thanks fly46 for sending it back. I will get this ring going again asap. Received in today's mail I fondly remember reading this series as a child.

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    It's good to revisit them again. Received in the mail last week. It will probably be a month or so before I get to this book, but I'm guessing that it will be a pretty quick read, once I do get to it. Thanks for sharing! I loved this book! Perhaps it was simplistic or overly "rosy", but one needs books like these sometimes.

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    I was especially impressed with how these children came home from school with enough energy to study cookbooks and whip up near-gourmet meals out of nothing! I wonder if I could get my niece 10 yrs.

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    I'm looking forward to the other books in the series as they comes my way. I sent this off in today's mail. Thanks, Ragamuffin-Rays, for sharing this book and this series! Journal Entry 26 by nyisutter from St. Thanks everyone for participating in the ray! I will be putting this in the book exchange box. Releasing during the Never Judge a Book by its Cover release challege for week 52 in which we are asked to release a red book.

    ETA: The book has been in an out of the Exchange box. And then I wanted more!!! And guess what? Not only is there Beany Malone , there are 13 other books featuring her and her delightful family. The first book in the series, Meet the Malones , came out in , while Beany Malone , the one I read and second in the series, appeared in World War II is still reverberating for this motherless family of four teenaged and twenty-something children.

    Beany is the youngest at 16, her brother Johnny is a senior in high school, and Mary Fred is a freshman in college—but having woes finishing up high school chemistry and getting rushed by a sorority. The oldest child, Elizabeth, is the one most directly affected by the war.

    She is 22, the mother of 3-year old Martie. Her husband, Don, has been overseas. Just shipped back, he is mysteriously not able to return home. We soon learn why. Of course, none of them realize why Don is delaying his return. Beany is the only one in the household when Don returns at dawn. This thin, sick-looking man, hanging shakily onto his crutches? Don has to have his leg amputated below the knee.

    When Beany and Mary Fred visit Don in the hospital, they are sobered by the handicapped men they see. For the rest of you, yes — but not for them. We still like girls and fun. Weber wrote this just after the war, when disabled veterans would have been a common sight. Surely teenagers were thinking about this—and seeing it in their daily lives.