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Journeys Into The Moon. Constitution Of Man. Nouveau Manuel Complet Des Sorciers. Principles Of Homeopathy. Practical Instruction In Animal Magnetism. Phrenological Chart. Examen Du Magnetisme Animal. Philosophy Of Animal Magnetism. Observations On Principal Medical Institutions. Origin Of The Egyptian Language. Further Disclosures. Exposure Of Maria Monk. The Book Of Mormon Kirtland. The Folly Of Fortune Telling. Phrenology Vindicated. Manual Of Phrenology. Synopsis Of Phrenology. Manual Of Homeopathic Medicine. Count Cagliostro Or The Charlatan. Animal Magnetism And Homoeopathy.

Animal Magnetism. A Complete Refutation Of Astrology. A World Of Wonders. Short Sketch Of Animal Magnetism. Humbugs Of New York. Treatises On Physiology And Phrenology. Principles Of Phrenology. Voyage Of Miss Brackett.

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Lectures On Phrenology. Phrenology Proven Illiustrated And Applied. A New System Of Phrenology. Considerations On Phrenology.

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Confirmation Of Maria Monks Disclosures. Everlasting Circle Of Fate.

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Phrenological Inquiries. The Tongue Of Time. Cours De Magnetisme. The Original Norwood Gipsy. Phrenological Classifications Of Grimes. Observation De Magnetisme Occulte. The Christian Religion. Facts In Mesmerism. Our Israelitish Origin. Grammar Of Astrology. Thoughts On Phrenology. Philosophy Of Necessity. Standard Phrenology. Coombs Popular Phrenology. Philosophy Of Mystery. Fowler On Matrimony. Second Advent Manual. Extraordinary Popular Delusions. A Lecture On Consistency. Sturmer A Tale Of Mesmerism.

Practical Self-teaching Grammar. The Book Of Mormon Liverpool. Mormonism Exposed. A Crust For The Phrenologists. An Address Delivered In Bridgeport. Guide To Phrenology. Cerebral Physiology. Cleansing Of The Sanctuary. True Inheritance Of The Saints. A Case Of Successful Amputation. Les Temoins Des Prodiges. The Entranced Female. Magic And Mesmerism. Mesmerism The Gift Of God.

A Return Of Departed Spirits. Letter Of David Bernard. A Warning To Watchfulness. Principles Of Physiognomy. Philosophy Of Mesmerism. Numerous Cases Of Surgical Operations. Hereditary Descent.

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Herald Of The Bridegroom. Discouraging Empiricism. The New Christian World. Report On Phenomena Of Clairvoyance. Elements Of Animal Magnetism. Lettres Dun Magnetiseur. Essai Sur Magie Prodiges Miracles.

Journal Of A Missionary Tour. Part I A Closing Roll. Art De Tirer Les Cartes. Manifeste Ou Vue Generale. Israel And The Holy Land. Trinite Egyptienne. A Letter On Animal Magnetism. Elements Of Phrenology. Religion Natural And Revealed. Mesmerism Dublin University Magazine. Autobiography Of Heinrich Stilling.