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Avoid it. More deeply, we need to go deeper than to have a sign out front that keeps us from doing what we really, really, really love to do. Our tongues, the tongues of our souls, have to be put out of taste for the bait of the devil. I love that quote from a Puritan.

The Evil Behind Babylon

We have to start hating evil. And to do that, we need new spiritual taste buds.

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  • We need the miracle of new birth. How do we get these new spiritual taste buds? We start by realizing that we must get them. We must. This is not peripheral, marginal, icing on the cake to Christianity. This is necessary. We must because God commands us to. He says abhor it.

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    But God, being rich in mercy, because of the great love with which he loved us. Taste buds that delight in holiness came to life. That miracle has to happen. That has to come into being. That transformation is a gift of God, and so we must cry out for it and desperately long for it and not be cavalier about our deadness to it. The great thing is God has not left us without clear guidance and strong help as we pursue the gift and the grace of this transformation and this love for holiness and hatred of sin. This is the main instrument that the Holy Spirit uses to give the love of holiness and the hatred of sin.

    And then we who are alive and remain will all go to heaven to be with the Lord.

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    That is not going to happen. Your future should comfort you, encourage you, and strengthen you. So Paul has talked to them about the future, the rapture, the day of the Lord. And now he wants them to understand that the rapture is for the people of light, the children of the day; and the day of the Lord is for the people of night, the children of darkness. And so the contrast is between believers and nonbelievers, salvation and wrath, life and death, hope and no hope, day and night, darkness and light; being asleep, being awake; being drunk, being sober; being separated from God forever or being with the Lord forever.

    It is a very stark and crystal clear revelation that there are only two kinds of people in the world: people of the night and people of the day, children of darkness and children of light. It is so carefully and inescapably laid out that we cannot miss the point. We have nothing to fear as believers about the future. Nonbelievers, everything to fear. Believers, nothing to fear, and he gives three reasons, three reasons. Reason one, because of our nature, the distinctiveness of our nature; reason number two, the distinctiveness of our behavior; and reason three, the distinctiveness of our promised destiny.

    We are distinct as to our nature, we are distinct as to our behavior, and we are distinct as to our future in the promise of God. It will come.

    Romans Commentary | Precept Austin

    We are not of night nor of darkness. The day of the Lord, the judgment of God comes on the unbelievers. You are part of a different family. You are part of a different people. Believers will never experience the wrath of God on them because they are people of a different nature. They belong to a different kingdom.

    Believers are not in darkness. This refers to spiritual darkness obviously. Spiritual darkness that characterizes and marks the very nature of unbelievers. It speaks of two things, and there are two kinds of darkness laid out in the Bible: mental darkness and moral darkness. The world left to itself, and all of us before we came to Christ, could be characterized as those people in the dark. We were night people.

    Romans: The Gospel of God's Righteousness

    We were darkened in our minds to the truth and we were darkened in our behavior by the pervasive blackness of unrelieved wickedness described as I read in Romans 3. The darkness of the mind cuts them off from understanding the truth of God, the darkness of their conduct makes them rebels against God. In fact, the darkness did not even respond to it. He was in the world, the world was made by Him, the world knew Him not.

    Why was Christ rejected? For everyone who does evil hates the Light, and does not come to the Light for fear that his deeds will be exposed. That is characteristic of sinful man.

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    Thus, the darkness is profoundly deep. In Ephesians chapter 4, a couple of verses, verses 17 and 18, so helpful. But we have been delivered from the kingdom of Satan, the kingdom of darkness, into the glorious light of the gospel kingdom.


    He is the god of the darkness. He is the ruler of the darkness. He oversee the domain of darkness — in the language of Colossians So the darkness is the metaphor for the domain of ignorance, sin, wickedness, and rebellion, the realm in which all fallen human beings live and move and have their being. That is the target for the judgment of the day of the Lord.

    The day of the Lord comes in the night at the darkness. The day will not overtake us like a thief in the night. The day of the Lord is not for us. Believers have nothing to fear. Now what does it mean to be the son of something? Certain people are called sons of Belial because they have behaved in a way that is consistent with Satan. You remember that James and John were called by our Lord sons of thunder because their behavior was thunderous, judgmental assault on certain people in a village with whom they were unhappy for the lack of hospitality.

    That was not the only time. A kind of thundering brashness and boldness characterized them. In Acts chapter 4, verse 36, you meet a man who is called a son of comfort, a son of consolation, which is to say that the dominating characteristic of the man is comfort. Whatever characterizes your nature, whatever influence sort of dominates your life, you can be identified in Hebrew terms as the son of that.