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Learn how to make affirmations work for you.

For best results, you have to be relaxed, concentrated on what you are saying, confident, and to really believe it. To visualize is to see your desire as it has already come true, to picture what you want in detail, to think you are successful, to feel that way.

Everything about Affirmations and Effective Usage: Affirmations Myths Demystified

To be able to imagine the change you want to see is what makes it real. It must be strong, and the image must be vivid, so that they can reach your subconscious. Author Recent Posts. Lidiya K. Full-time blogger, lifestyle designer. Once you make it your main focus, you can take all of the steps necessary to solidify your chance of getting it. You will get rid of the hesitancy to showcase what you can do.

With the power of positive affirmations, you will learn more of your capabilities and discover how to use them. Nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes, and all of us have our flaws and shortcomings. But the moment we decide to apply affirmations in our life, we become aware of our weaknesses. We then recognize that since something is wrong, we must act and affirm to ourselves that we can do it.

Life is a continuous learning process, not the survival of the fittest. With the help of affirmations, we can identify our shortcomings and help people to change for the better. Using affirmations in our life requires changing the way we think. Achieving success is a goal, but it does not happen in the blink of an eye.

We must be patient and persevere until we reach our goal. Here are some reasons why affirmations do not work for some people:. Affirmations must be recited daily. However, some of us are not doing that consistently. We must learn that with the aid of consistency, we become what we think the most often. For every affirmation you declare, make sure to take action to achieve it.

Harnessing Positive Thinking

Affirmations are not something that must be done hastily. Say it slowly, once or twice a day, and put emotions to it. Here are some ways:. We must feel worthy of our skills and capabilities first so that we can be stronger when bad days are here. You can do it instead by talking to yourself in the mirror.

Post it to places you often see. But if we will do a little research on them, we will find out how they work hard and how they keep themselves motivated with the help of affirmations. You can avoid negative feelings in the workplace by having the power of statements applied to it. You can encourage and inspire the people you work with by affirming them and everyone else around you.

A simple tip: Write an affirmation down on a sticky note and give it to your colleague. Tell them to hang it in a place they can see.

5 Steps to Make Affirmations Work for You | Psychology Today

Inspire them. Motivate them. Show them love. Find out what difficulties they have and boost their confidence, productivity, and creativity each day. You will then see how this can result in massive results for your company. Start utilizing the power of positive affirmation today. This will improve your life and start you on the right track. Affirmations, for sure, will help you create specific goals and acquire the motivation needed to accomplish them.

There are many affirmations available now. Even you can develop statements of your own. So get started today! Sign in. Get started. A complete guide to giving yourself regular pep talks. Jonny James Follow. It's generally accepted that positive affirmations are absorbed and accepted as part of your subconscious beliefs and thoughts. The more you repeat positive affirmations the more your subconscious accepts them. You will notice that you start to feel better about yourself and probably find that you achieve your goals with more ease.

There is lots of documentation that states how using positive affirmations helps with creating and maintaining a positive self view by broadening perspectives and helping resilience for perceived threats to general well being. A broad and large amount of literature demonstrates that regular self positive affirmations can help with decreasing stress levels, improve academic performance, improved and increased general well being and increased opened to change.

Continued use of positive affirmations has been shown to improve neural pathways, particularly in the valuation network areas of the brain. Neural activity in the valuation network of the brain also shows increases for those regularly using positive affirmations. More information is available in the app.

Harnessing Positive Thinking

Positive affirmations must be written in the present tense. Even if your affirmation is related to something in the future, your statement should state that it is in your life now. Make your positive affirmations related to things you value in your life already. It's pleasurable to appreciate what we already have and creates a positive feedback loop.

For example, I am happy my children are fit and healthy. Think carefully how you phrase your affirmations. Remember you are what you say and think. Do not include any negative words or a few negative words as possible in your affirmations. For example, do not include words like angry, unhappy, fear, sad, etc.

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When creating your affirmations make them related to several areas of your life instead of just one subject. Studies are showing that visualisation is a very powerful tool when used with positive affirmations. Spend some time visualising what your life is going to look like in future.

There is a difference between a dream and a visualisation. Dreams are created usually without much input from your conscious mind. Whereas visualisations are created versions of a future. Many professional athletes use visualisation techniques before big games and important plays.

Everything about Affirmations and Effective Usage : Affirmations Myths Demystified

Include as much detail as possible in your visualisations as this helps reinforce the visualisation. Visualise often too. Make your affirmations about and reinforce what you visualise. More guidance and tips are available in the app. Affirmations Assistant App Privacy Policy 1.

7 Ways to Make Success Affirmations Work For You

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How to Write & Use Affirmations to Create Positive Change