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exciting, and perhaps sarcastically realistic, stories of a dream come true

Emersonianism is the American religion. It is not a church or a cult; it is a spiritual discipline, a Way. It teaches the infinitude of the private person, of each private person, of you yourself with your laptop and cellphone.

Books by Richard G. Geldard on Ralph Waldo Emerson and Early Greek Thought

Emerson was a great teacher in his day, but Richard Geldard can get him to you now. Read more and order. The Birth of Philosophy in Classical Greece. Richard Geldard. Ralph Waldo Emerson Books, Geldard's volume on Anaxagoras is the third and final volume in his immensely successful account of Pre-Socratic thought. His first two volumes brought Heraclitus and Parmenides vividly alive for a twenty-first century audience.

This is an important book, superbly written in accessible language. It makes philosophy as lively and timely as today's newspaper, and, unlike the newspaper, it will be relevant tomorrow. Read more and order Parmenides and The Way of Truth. Translation and Commentary by. Monkfish Book Publishing Company - What this world needed was a nice, balanced, introductory text to Parmenides.

It needed to be scholarly without being academic, wise without being new-agey. And lo and behold, a book like that is just what Richard Geldard has given us. Read More and Order. The Essential Transcendentalists. Edited and Introduced by Richard G. Jeremy P. This anthology of Core Writings by the New England Transcendentalists provides a unique overview of these landmark figures as spiritual thinkers. As Richard G. Geldard -- one of today's leading scholars of Emerson -- illustrates in The Essential Transcendentalists, transcendentalism amounts to a school of practical spiritual thought that aims to guide the individual toward inner development.

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Ralph Waldo Emerson. Introduction by Robert Richardson. Lindisfarne Books - Geldard has written a magnificent book through which Emerson's teaching becomes again an instigator. To be philosophical means to be provocative. To be provocative means to be different. It means understanding that sometimes there is no right or wrong.

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It means understanding that the world is not always black and not always white, but is more often, shades of grey. People will see things that you will not see, hear things that you will not hear, and think things that you will not think; just as you will see things they do not see, hear things that they will not hear, and most definitely, will think things they do not think. It means that the person sitting beside you may look at your glass that is half full and see it as half empty.

I am still not sure what my deep message is, I only know that when you hear it, you will know. I stand before you here, today, as valedictorian, ostensibly the highest ranked in our class, the best, number one. I know that I should be honored and greatly appreciative. But in its defense, I must say that it has still made all the difference and the difference is this, if I had attended Holy Trinity I would not be as strong and I would not have such a great magnitude of character. The last four years of my life have been far from easy.

The journey to where I am now has been an exhausting one. There were countless nights where I would go to sleep at three in the morning. I have made many sacrifices to stand where I stand. Often, going to the movies and hanging out with friends was put aside for studying. Perfecting math skills and writing skills required an immense amount of focus. Part of being a success is accepting the occasional failure. Education has exceeded many things in importance to me and needless to say, I have grasped the importance of sacrifice. I will warn you, though; be cautious, for it easy to lose sight of whatever goals you set.

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  • I refuse to be categorized or labeled, for it limits my true potential and my growth. I choose to always maintain that burning desire to be better tomorrow than I am today, to always continue to learn. Learning, as you already know, is the basis of all education. Learning is as essential as the oxygen we breathe. Although the title of Valedictorian is mine, I want to share it with my graduating class.

    For all of us to be sitting here today, survivors of a bumpy four year road, and after having lost a few along the way -- this is miraculous. There is a light in every individual in this room. It is a light that illuminates the mirrors of success that reflect in us all. It is the light of our ancestors. It is the light that our parents and guardians have worked wholeheartedly to instill in us. And we are all the best.

    I boast the philosophy of greatness and change.

    Spokesman for the New Age

    I have seen the potential to put a woman in the White House within my lifetime. I see the very real possibility of an African American President within the year. Barack Obama, boasting the philosophy of change as his campaign slogan, is now on the ballot to become the President of the United States. We stand in the midst of one of the most politically progressive eras in American history. It proves that the sixteen shots Malcolm X suffered were not in vain.

    It proves that the blood of Martin Luther King shed on the second story balcony of the Lorraine Motel was not in vain. Never forget. These men of greatness believed in the power of change. While I conclude with great joy, I also say my last few words with a hint of sadness. We are at the end of one phase of our lives and are embarking upon a new one. This chapter of high school has come to an end. While it is true that Roosevelt is only one square mile and that we may run into each other every now and then, this will be the last time we all will be in the same building much less the same place.

    I pray we get the opportunity to close many more chapters in our lives. Not knowing what the future holds is a frightening thought. People will always be there to try to take what you have earned. Let no one take what you have earned, for if I did, I would not be standing here before you today. When the road ahead seems too long to trod, when the hill seems too steep climb, when it seems impossible to reach the summit We must continue to the end.

    Keep in mind that good judgment comes from experience and experience comes from the mistakes we make along the way. Therefore, in order to reach the mountain top and to reach the height of individual greatness, you must realize that you may have to encounter many failures. What makes you truly successful is how you grow from them. Before I close I would like you to do one more thing for me. I want you to close your eyes and remember the face of someone that helped you along this journey whether it be a classmate or a teacher that had the most influence on you.

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    I would like you to remember their smile and never forget it. My fellow graduates, look at the person next to you and if anyone is asleep wake them up and tell them to look at me for a moment. School: Roslyn High School. Jennifer Batel. Attending: Harvard University. I would like to welcome the superintendent of schools, Dr. Richman, the principal of Roslyn High School, Mr. Scanlon, the entire Board of Education and all of the wonderful faculty and staff along with my family, friends, and fellow graduates who are here today to honor the class of View all New York Times newsletters.

    I was looking through my yearbook, reading the inspirational quotes that my classmates had chosen to appear below their pictures. Many were about chasing your dreams or finding your own path, while others focused on the value of friendship and learning from your mistakes. While I sat in my room reflecting on the past and thinking about the future, it was the few quotes that focused on the present that really caught my attention.

    These words of wisdom tell us to live our lives without fixating on the past or focusing on the future, but rather by enjoying each moment as it happens. As wonderfully appealing as this concept seems, I never found it very realistic. So then I took a moment to disregard the minor discomforts we all have to face in life, and began thinking about it on a larger scale.

    It became especially apparent this year, as I reflected on the process of applying to different colleges. More easily said then done I thought.