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As for the marks; did you take pictures of them? Did you know that the seven deadly sins were made up by a fanatical catholic monk a few centuries ago? No where in the bible has a list of the 'deadly sins' recorded. By her listening to you by leaving, shows that this entity did respect your wishes. She does not seemed as monstrous as you portrayed her to be. I mean after all, you were not forced into anything. As for the tramp statement; the entity merely took the form as a lady in red because you like how tramps look in that outfit. In other words, she took the form that would turn you on the most.

Respectfully Rashidah. This was before I thought the way I do now. Demons can show themselves to whoever they want, but it chosed to show itself to me. Brenna 2 stories 12 posts. This story seems kind of fake to me. I mean, no one else really saw the demon. No one else could understand when they spoke to them. And when you said, "My heart was no longer filled with lust, but with love" sounds kind of cheesy. I could be wrong, but right now I don't think this story is true.

Also, it says on your profile that you hate people who do the sort of thing you just discribed in your story. Which makes you a hypocrit. This story, is before I barely knew what a demon was.

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Some people in this site had relationships with demons for the longest time. I know how to rebuke demon's now, because of this expeirence. I didn't what it was at first, but I already can identify the demon in this story. I can feel her energy around the room. It was not an energy of a plain old spirit. Also, I had God to thank, but mostly it was my bravery that helped me succeed over evil. Because krypto, they side with demons.

To me, they are evil. People that follow are twisted beyond belief. Having a relationship with a demon can lead to something ugly. So, yeah I could be a cold person, but atleast I know the truth of what they truly are. Also, on your profile it says you hate people that sex with demons or ghosts. And you called them all Virgin pervs. How can you be so judgemental, if you're claiming to be having sex with a demon?

👻 Demons Caught On Camera 🔴 ghost caught on camera compilation

You really make me mad, I haven't been on this site for a while, But. You completely cussed out people on your side of this, and even though I'm not, I think you should have appreciated what they were saying. Please, please, please, learn to spell. JimD posts.

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PS It's not she - "it" is the correct term. Both the holy angels and angelic trash, i. Demons, are bodiless, genderless creatures. As a demonologist, these represent often the toughest cases, because the victims are lured in, and then it's embedded itself in their lives, by the time they cry out for help. Pray and get that Catholic Holy water. It'll help at least halt those vile things. You are correct; it was a demon. Use a lotta Catholic holy water and command it to leave in Jesus' name.

Also, the use of Mary and St. Michael the Archangel's name help too.

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If Catholic, try frequent Mass, communion, and confession. God bless and gool luck. SallyH 7 posts. It took a lot of courage to pray during that time. Most guys would have probably taken the sex, even if it meant possible death. You are very strong! God Bless Sigma26 4 posts. Honestly I have my own problem going on with a succubus and the game is tied but I'm afraid I'm going to lose it no matter what I do.

No one believes what I tell them about all the strange things that have been happening to me. I try to fool myself with a theory that nothing is real. It worked for three days but after that I just couldn't continue to fool myself. I don't know what to do anymore.

Lustful Demon

This succubus wants to turn me into a puppet on a string. She promises me tons of things if I rid myself of the world now and join her in the after life. Then again the percentage changes daily. Do you have any ideas what I should do besides pray to god and accept jesus in my life? If not then I'm in deep poo. This story is very interesting I just learned about the succubus and incubus. I don't know what I would do if that happened to me Seeing porn, adultry, and disorders. So, yeah that's why lust is bad. It can make a person an ugly one. Somhairle 40 posts.

Well, since your one of those blasted christians sorry, I just really hate those of organised church it would make bloody good sense to get rid of it.

If it was a demon it would have continued and certainly not have been letting you have any fun. Besides, why do you think lust is a deadly sin? Because people tell you it is?

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Lust is one of the most powerful and delicious things I have at my disposal. Preeti posts.

enter site Must say you are brave enough and intellegent, you did the right thing buddy you got rid of it How am I contradicting myself. This debate is about a topic, you have to read it from the beginning to understand it. ChildOfTheLotus 10 stories posts. So you prayed to Satan? And now that you are into God, Satan wants your soul? Whatever you have to tell yourself. I've heard that before.