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Holy Trinity Monastery. Bishop Kallistos Ware. Michael Pomazansky.

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Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Notify me. This is the story of a handful of courageous men and their congregations who risked stable occupations, security and the approval of life-long friends to be obedient to God's call. It is also the story of every believer who is searching for the Church.

Where Christ is Lord.

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Where holiness, human responsibility, and the sovereignty of God are preached. Where fellowship is more than a covered-dish supper in the church basement. And where fads and fashions take a backseat to apostolic worship and doctrine. This is a book, for Orthodox Christians, looking for ways to bring new life to their own Churches.

It's also a book for those completely dissatisfied--those on their own search. While not everyone would need to talk to their pastor about leaving their church, I was part of the Sunday morning worship team and, on some Sundays, the primary leader. The pastor was disappointed to see me leave, and I felt a bit guilty for letting him down. I told him it might only be for a month or two.

I had no idea what God had planned for me. My wife agreed to venture out with me for our first liturgical experience: a visit to the local Greek Orthodox Church. With all of this chanting and singing, I wondered when they would begin the actual service.

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There was a sermon at one point that, while brief, struck my heart and I longed to hear more. What just happened in there? Soon afterward, we decided to check out a Russian Orthodox parish that was a little further away. As we walked in and looked around in our usual clueless manner, the elderly priest walked up to us with a smile and explained that they were going to be doing their first service ever partially in Slavonic. By then, my wife was finished with experimenting in Orthodoxy, though she did not oppose my continued exploration. Growing up in charismatic circles, I had grown used to live bands, words on large projector screens, upbeat music, and an entertaining and sometimes emotional sermon that took up most of the service time.

It was the Sunday Morning Show. Every time I visited the Orthodox Church, I found that I was waiting for the service to actually begin. It was then that I realized that my subconscious impression was that Sunday morning services are a sermon with an opening act, which is ironic considering I was a worship leader for years.

One day, I heard that there was another Orthodox Church much closer to my home. I visited the all-English Carpatho-Russian parish and found the people to be quite inviting. After a couple of chats with the priest, he recommended a book to me called Introducing the Orthodox Church in order to help acquaint me with the service, the theology, and the church building itself.